Panipat  Rug

Panipat Rug

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An add-on to Traditional rug collection, panipat rug brings the charm of the fusion of Mughal with Rajasthan's rich heritage in contemporary hues. Hand Tufted in 100% wool, Style up your floor with factoid to bring trendy look and give an edge to your interiors. By buying from us, you are supporting the Fair Trade and Fair Labor laws.


Overview & Dimensions

  • Material: 100% Wool
  • Construction: Hand Tufted
  • Collections: Panipat
  • Pile Height: 0.25"
  • Rug Pad Needed: Yes, Recommended
  • Colors: Bright Pink, Camel, Burnt Orange, Peach, Ivory, Taupe, Charcoal, Ink, Denim, Medium Gray, Lilac, Beige
  • Warranty: 1 Limited Year
  • Product Care: To ensure a longer lasting quality, steps must be taken during care and cleaning to protect the durability of your polished piece. High powered vacuums, more often than not, pull out of the back of rugs, causing sprouts and a generally unattractive appearance to a once flawless rug. To counter this effect, place your vacuum starting at the edge of the rug, using a low setting and high elevation, or if possible, use hand held attachments when cleaning. As well, over time, the fibers within your piece will unavoidably begin to weaken. When this occurs, regularly, yarn will poke out from the edges of your rugs, and in order to prevent pulling, it is crucial that you do not simply pull the yarn out, but rather, cut these weak fibers using scissors to maintain the impeccable quality of your Surya rug. As well, if spills occur, it is crucial that you immediately tend to the area, blotting it with a towel to remove the moisture and to prevent any stain from setting.

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